We recognize the unique, sacred, and time-honored
traditions of the Jewish faith. We honor these
traditions by providing excellent service, the metro area's
lowest prices, and a complete guarantee of your satisfaction.

Gary Tessler
Managing Director/Vice President
Shalom Funeral Services

Shalom Funeral Service was born over a decade ago at the request of a number of prominent Rabbis in Denver. These Rabbis felt that while there were mortuaries that served the Denver Jewish community, none were truly focused on Jewish religious tradition and practices. Jewish tradition cherishes life. Nevertheless, Judaism is concerned about the honor and respect due to the deceased. (Kavod Ha-met) Jewish tradition is also vitally concerned for the mental, emotional and spiritual well being of the living and the requirement of extending comfort to them. Shalom was created to fulfill those needs. We understand that families are very vulnerable at the time of grief and we dedicate ourselves to honorably represent the needs of your family during this very difficult time.

We invite you to visit our modern facilities, meet our staff, and compare. Our Taharah and Shomer facilities, located at 1091 South Colorado Boulevard, have been inspected and received Rabbinical Approval. We offer a full range of options to the Jewish families we are privileged to serve and we believe we offer the ideal combination of economy and quality. We are honored to be members of the Jewish Funeral Directors of America and to meet their high standards. We continue to be proud affiliates of Horan and McConaty Funeral Service, Colorado’s only Funeral Service Recipient of the Colorado Ethics in Business Award. Please contact us for further information.


You will find our staff to be compassionate, knowledgeable, and respectful of all Jewish traditions and practices. We never turn away anyone with limited financial resources.

We offer full Taharah and Shomer facilities, which hold ritualistic importance in the Jewish funeral rite. These facilities are kept kosher and are reserved exclusively for the use of members of the Jewish faith.

Jim Moon
Arranger/ Director

Our prices for services and merchandise are lower than others who serve the Jewish community, yet we maintain the highest standards of care-giving. We consider it a mitzvah, or honored privilege, to help those who trust us with their needs during what is almost always a very difficult experience.

We are pleased to announce our affiliation with The Jewish Funeral Directors of America. We have met and will continue to uphold the standards set by this nationally recognized organization. You may click on their logo to visit their website.

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